Earth Master Rank

14.95 USD

Earth Master Rank

With this rank you will receive:

You Will Get The Element Lava, Sand, Metal

Giving You The Power To Bend Not Only Dirt Blocks & Stone Now Can Bend & Combo With Lava,Sand and Metal like Iron

You will gain 3 Ability's

- Ability Mud Surge

Hold Shift on a sauce to turn it into mug then Left click the direction you would like to attack dealing moderate damage and a chance to blind your enemy

- Ability Earth Shard

Click Shift at a earth bendable block to raise that block into the air, You can Shift Click 3 blocks in total then Left Click to attack The direction you want dealing a fair amount of damage

- Ability Earth Surf

You stand on Bendable Blocks and Left Click this left you none stop ride the earth blocks allowing you to move faster and move all that is in your way!

Earth Master Has No Limits To The Blocks They Cant Bend, Using Lava in Combos For Massive Damage Separating Them Form The Simple Earth Benders

You also get:

- Earth Master Title by your name

- Element Key To Pick A Extra Element (If You Don't Have Earth Get Earth!You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Element Book

- 2 x Land Claim Key Giving you 200 Claim Blocks You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Claim Block Book

- Extra 2 x SetHomes

- 5 x LootBox Keys