Last Element Avatar Bending Server

Server IP: lastelement.apexmc.co
Website: https://lastelement.tebex.io/

Last Element is a avatar bending server allowing you to push your limits and mastering
the elements of
Fire Water Air Earth Chi
By completing Quests, fighting bosses with our party system, simply voting daily, you are
able to acquire all 5 elements and become
The Avatar!
Becoming the avatar will give you the ability to boost all your powers making you a deadly
force to be reckon with
Great & Friendly community so much to do from leveling up your character to become
stronger for the boss fights or PvP
Mastering your elements to use in your day to day grind from flying as Air Bender or
creating tunnels to mine from using Earth Bending
We Hope To See You Online!

This Server Provides!
Character Stats & Skill Ups
Best Land-Claim Plugin, Add Friends To Your Land
Claim More Then 1 Area and can expand!
Player Market & Shops & Rent City Houses
LootBoxes - Get LootBox Key Per Vote
Party & Friend List System
Party Chat & Private Message Options