Claim Block & Keys

By default each player will receive a standard 300 blocks to claim and 3 areas to claim.

Gaining 6 claim blocks per hour of game play to further expand your area or areas allowing you to share with friends to even further expand your area

Here you can have a nice boost in claim blocks if your one that don't want to wait! and is ready to start making a mark on the server

The more Claim block package the better the value all money goes towards making the server better with more updates and custom plugins

LootBox is located at the spawn and will reset/change on the 1st of each month by having a LootBox Key you can win on precise from the chest even a Free Element! Feeling lucky? 

Claim Blocks 500

6.95 USD View

Claim Blocks 1000

14.95 USD View

LootBox Key x20

4.95 USD View