Water Master Rank

14.95 USD

Water Master Rank

With this rank you will receive:

You Will Get The Element ICE

They Say Its The Power Of the Ice Demon being able Control ICE into Combo With Your Water Ability's & Having The Power To Turn Water To Ice!

You will gain 5 Ability's

- Ability Ice Claw

Hold Shift till you start pulling water out of thin air to create a Ice Claw. Then attack an Enemy to damage a inflict a high level Slow Effect

- Ability Ice Wall

Allows you to create a wall of Ice similar to Raise Earth, To Raise Click Shift on Ice, Water or Snow - Shift again at your wall of ice to break it damaging anyone near it

- Ability Ice Blast

 Tap Shift near a Ice block, Then Left Click the direction you want the Ice Blast sent to      

- Ability Ice Spike

Tap Shift at a Water,Snow,Ice or even Plant Sauce then left click to change it to Ice and Shoot at the direction you are aiming, If You keep left clicking You can constantly change the direction of your attack giving you control.

2nd Way to use this ability - Without looking at a sauce stand near Ice and press shift to raise and drop the Ice like a Wall raising and falling controlling the area around you 

- Ability Frost Breath

Hold Sneak to start breathing out frost covering the floor with snow and turning Water to Ice and Damaging anyone in your path! a Great ability to change your environment and damage your enemy 

A Water Master Can Even Turn Plants into The Sauce of Power That is needed, Able to Change The Environment at Will! Separating You From Water Benders To a Water Master

You also get:

- Water Master Title by your name

- Element Key To Pick A Extra Element (If You Don't Have Water Get Water!) You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Element Book

- 2 x Land Claim Key Giving you 200 Claim Blocks You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Claim Block Book

- Extra 2 x SetHomes

- 5 x LootBox Keys