Fire Master Rank

14.95 USD

Fire Master Rank

With this rank you will receive:

You Will Get Element Thunder & Combustion

They Say Its The Power Of the Devil Your Flames Will Become Blue! You will get Blue Fire

You will gain 4 Ability's

- Ability Lightning

By holding down shift you charge you lightning and release shift to shoot it towards your target!

- Ability Lightning Burst

Hold Shift until Blue Sparks appear in front of you, Upon releasing you will unleash an electrical sphere, shocking anyone who gets to close 

- Ability Fire Breath 

Like a Fire dragon you blast a breath of air for a period of time aiming at where you look to deal damage & left click to shoot fire as you hold shift        

- Ability Combustion

Hold shift to focus large amount of energy into your body & release  to fire Combustion and will explode on impact, You can left click to explode the combustion early for more control

- Blue Fire 

Most Of Your Ability Will Now Be Blue Flames Separating You From Fire Benders To a Fire Master

You also get:

- Fire Master Title by your name

- Element Key To Pick A Extra Element (If You Don't Have Fire Get Fire!) You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Element Book

- 2 x Land Claim Key Giving you 200 Claim Blocks You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Claim Block Book

- Extra 2 x SetHomes

- 5 x LootBox Keys