Air Master Rank

14.95 USD

Air Master Rank

With this rank you will receive:

- Ability Sonic Blast    

By holding down shift you charge a power air blast towards your foe with a past in a shape of a circle to ensure you hit your target!

- Ability Air Breath 

Like a air dragon you blast a breath of air for a period of time aiming at where you look to deal damage        

- Ability Flight 

This is the ability that makes a Air Bender to a Air Master!

Flight gives you 100% control on your flying! By simply pressing left click you start to fly with your air powers like Super Man! and as your flying by left clicking you control your speed from Slow, Normal & Fast.  (You can fly into player/Mobs and do damage to them and not to you)

You can also change your Flying Stance to glide,Ending,Soar,Levitate

Levitate lets you stand still and fly by not like Air Benders the height Air Master can fly there is no limits 

You also get

- Air Master Title

- Element Key To Pick A Extra Element (If You Don't Have Air Get Air!You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Element Book

- 2 x Land Claim Key Giving you 200 Claim Blocks - You trade the key to the NPC in /warp lootbox for the Claim Block Book

- Extra 2 x SetHomes

- 5 x LootBox Keys